Sandia Event Center Wedding | Best Wedding Photographers in New Mexico

Best Wedding Photographers in New Mexico

We are confident that our team of photographers are the best wedding photographers you’ll find in New Mexico. Our awards from WeddingWire and The Knot prove that couples agree. This Sandia Event Center wedding is a small sample of the magic we’re able to capture for your special day.

We pay special attention to the small details you spent countless days planning out. The planning and waiting for your special day can feel like an eternity unless you left it until the last minute. But, your wedding day goes by in a flash! So, we make sure that no detail is overlooked. When the dancing is over, the makeup is smudged and the guests are gone, you will have every special moment encapsulated in gorgeous wedding photography and videography so you can relive the moments as many times as you’d like. This isn’t something you want to skimp on; you can’t get those memories back if a novice photographer does a botch job.

If you’re looking for the best wedding photographers in New Mexico for your Wedding day, it’s important to take a few things into consideration. First of all, is their style consistent and cohesive? Check out their social media sites to confirm that you’re getting what you paid for.

What is the overall quality of their photography? Do they show a consistent track record of professional quality photography? A professional should never share photographs that are out of focus or taken in poor lighting. The featured photos on their website and social media accounts should always showcase the best of their work.

We cannot stress how important it is to invest into this part of your wedding because after the celebration is over, the photography and videography are the best mementos you’ll have left from that very special day. So, it is vital that you save up some money for this part, but we also understand that affordability is important too.

This is where you balance affordability with quality. If you’re getting a killer deal with a novice photographer it isn’t worth it. You only have one chance to capture this day, hire someone with experience. We like to think that we’ve balanced our quality with affordable packages to suit your wedding day needs.

When looking for the best wedding photographers make sure you look at their website. Legitimate professionals have up to date websites that show up correctly on the computer, tablet and mobile devices. This type of modern website is an investment for the photographer. The fact that they’ve invested in a proper website proves that they take their photography business seriously and as a result, will take your photography needs seriously too.

We have a lot more examples of our wedding photography that we’d love for you to see! Head over to our wedding gallery to learn why couples voted for us as the best wedding photographers in New Mexico on The Knot. We’d love to discuss your upcoming wedding, please contact us with any questions you might have at 505.903.2195 or

Vendors for this wedding are:

Best Wedding Videographers For Hire | Old Town Farm Wedding Videography

Beautiful Old Town Farm Wedding Videography in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Check out some behind the scenes footage of a wedding we did at an Old Town Farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Wedding videography is a great addition to photography on your special day, but how do you pinpoint the best wedding videographers?

Here are five tips on how to pick the perfect videographer for your wedding day.

1. Meet up with the videographer in person to make sure you’re able to work well together and they understand your vision.

The better you get along with the professional behind the lens, the more comfortable you’ll be in front of the camera. And let’s be honest here, most of us aren’t used to being filmed, so comfort is key.

2. Do your research; watch other wedding videos they have filmed.

Make sure your wedding videographer shares your style. Check out their work through Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo. If there are aspects of other videos they’ve done that you love, point that out to them so they know exactly what you’re looking for.

To see more of our videography, go to our gallery here.

3. Always read their reviews first.

The best way to judge a videographer’s work is to see what their reviews are saying. Some clients give great insider details about their experience with the videographer. You want someone who tells a story with their film, shows up on time and is easy to work with.

See our raves and reviews here and google reviews here.

4. When you pick your videographer, tell them your vision and then give them the freedom to be creative.

Trust that you have done the research and made the perfect choice for your wedding day. Don’t micromanage your videographer, they are professionals and have experience in what they’re doing. Give them freedom to use their creativity, the last thing you want to do is hold them back.

5. Take your videographer decision as serious as your photographer; make a budget for both.

A lot of times photographers get most of the attention during wedding planning when the videographer is just as important. No one wants to pay for a video that looks like it was filmed and edited by your sister to save money. Set a budget aside for both and plan ahead, (good) videographer slots fill up quickly!

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Beautiful Wedding Vow Ideas | Wedding Photography and Videography

Beautiful Wedding Vow Ideas

Get the kleenex ready, these are some of the best wedding vows EVER! Of all the wedding photography and videography we’ve done, this couple tops the charts in their wedding vow writing.

Writing your own vows is a daunting task for many people but this lovely couple killed it! The husband-to-be was so romantic and eloquent in his speech, every woman’s dream! And the bride-to-be showcased her lovable sense of humor.

What a beautiful moment these two will always be able to look back on and remember exactly how they felt when they married their best friend. If you’re struggling with writing your wedding vows watch the video below for some inspiration and then make it your own.

Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable, get in touch with your feelings and think about all the qualities and moments with your fiance that made you fall in love.

If you’d like to get more ideas for your wedding photography and videography needs, head over to our gallery here.

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