FAQ - What to expect for your session

Before your session:


  • "How do I book a photo session?"

From my website (www.laurencheriephotography.com), click the "Payment" under the "Details and Info"  tab. Choose the session you would like to book, and Add to Cart. Go to your cart to purchase your session. Purchasing your session will serve as your retainer to hold your date. Once I receive your payment, I will contact you to set a date for your session and to go over details about your specific session. 


  •  "What happens after I book and pay for my session?"

As soon as I receive your payment, I will email you to set your session date and time. 


  • "Where should I take my pictures?" 

There are TONS of great locations for your session. It all depends on what type of location you desire. Do you want a nature/ woods/ bosque look? Do you want an urban/ downtown look? Do you want your session location at a park? The Botanic Garden? Let me know what your desired look is and I can recommend a great spot!

Please note that some locations require permit fees and/ or entrance fees that you will be responsible for. 

Any location outside of the Albuquerque are will require a small travel fee. Please contact me for details. 

If you have a particular place in mind, please let me know. I always love to try out new locations for a session!


  • "What is the best time of day to take my pictures?"

Depending on your location, the best time of day in right before sunset, when the lighting outside is just beautiful. It makes for the perfect lighting and a beautiful background. If this time doesn't work for you, please let me know and we can work something out. 

At your Session:


  • "How long will my session take?"

Your session includes up to 1 hour of shoot time. 


  • "Can I bring my own props?"

You are more than welcome to bring along any props/ mementos you may have to your session. Let me know what items you plan on bringing and we can discuss the best way to incorporate them into your session. 


  • "What should I wear?"

This is a tough question and one that I get asked a lot! As sort of a "rule of thumb", I tell everyone to wear something that you feel comfortable in.

DO: Wear something that is a neutral color. 

DO: Coordinate colors.

DONT: "Match" colors completely.

DONT: Wear bright/ neon colors. 

DONT: Wear logos.

Here is some examples of family session that are coordinating colors...

  • First picture: Blues, Maroons.
  • Second picture: Blues, Whites. 
  • Third picture: Khakis, Maroons, Blues.. 

After your session:


  • "How do I get my pictures and how long will it take?"

After your session, I will work on editing and uploading your images to your online viewing gallery. This usually takes 2-4 days. I will email you a link to your gallery where you will be able to choose your favorites and share with your friends and family. 

Once you choose your favorites, I will send you another email with your download pin that will allow you to download your selected images straight to your computer. 


  • "Can I order prints from you or do I have to order prints from another place?"

We are all aware that we live in a digital world, so I love to provide you with the digital images from your session to cherish forever and be able to print where and when you want.

I also know (if your anything like me) that a lot of the time, your beautiful images may never leave your computer or make it to your actual walls. And that is why I also love to provide an option for you to order prints, canvases, custom albums, greeting cards, etc, directly from me so that you may REALLY cherish your images on a daily basis! There is nothing like hanging a beautiful professional photo of your beautiful family on your wall! I would love to help create a custom item for you! :)


  • "Can I get my pictures on a CD?"

I understand that some of us don't own a computer and I also understand the comfort in knowing that your images are on something more than just your computer. If you prefer to have your images on a CD or USB, I would be more than happy to provide you with that for a small additional fee. Please contact me for more details.